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Action Planning Networks: Important Information for Applicants

29 May 2015

Are you preparing an application for Action Planning Network? PLEASE READ THIS!

Due to technical problems, there has been some delay in the application and validation process for the creation of the URBACT IIII pool of validated experts.

The pool of validated URBACT Experts is updated on a daily basis, so we invite you to check regularly the online database to identify your Lead Expert.

Yet it is possible that you do not find the appropriate Lead Expert or that validated experts are already committed in network proposals to be submitted by 16 June 2015.

In this case, we invite you to:

  • Identify the appropriate expert through your (or your partners') contacts/networks. Please read carefully the profile requested for URBACT Lead Experts (details are provided in the Call for Applicants for URBACT Experts) and make sure that the expert identified is aware of the Lead Expert activities and necessary committment for Phase 1 (40 days of expertise, visits to all partners for the production of the Baseline study, etc.)
  • Ask the identified expert to submit an application form in the framework of the Call for Applicants for URBACT Experts. Please make sure that the expert submits the application form by 16 June 2015
  • Indicate in the Phase 1 Application for Action Planning Networks (Section III.3) the name of the proposed expert (even if he/she is not validated yet) and attach the CV to the email to be sent by 17 June 2015 with all required documents (see Section 8 of the Call for Proposals for Action Planning Networks). As it is possible that the proposed Lead Expert is not validated, in addition we reccomend you to include in the section III.3 of the Phase 1 Application reference to 1 or 2 other possible experts who could be considered for the position.

For any further clarification concerning the identification of the Lead Expert, you can contact Raffaele Barbato (