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Ageing and Employment: Old and New Challenges in a global crisis scenario

08 April 2010

Are older people discriminated against in the labour market? And if so, why? And what can national and local policies do to promote inclusion and favour active ageing? The article“article-SIMONAZZI_01.pdf”, written by Annamaria Simonazzi, Lead Expert of the URBACT Active Age project, aims at answering these questions

According to Annamaria Simonazzi, "population ageing is both a challenge and an opportunity" and "radical changes in the age structure will have significant labour market impacts". She explains that giving more opportunities to older people to work longer require both active age policies at the national and at the local level.

The first part of this paper provides an overview of the main factors behind the low employment rate of older people, highlighting the new threats entailed by the current global crisis. It will then outline the policy reforms that have been devised and implemented, at both the national and the local level, to increase the employment rate of elderly people, drawing also attention on the possible trade-offs. The final section will present the approach adopted by the URBACT Active Age project, and its aim of promoting a more comprehensive, sustainable and integrated life-course approach to active ageing.

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