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Boosting Social Innovation BoostInno is network of 10 EU cities and 1 non EU observer (Lviv from the Ukraine) which works on improving or creating the ecosystems, that stimulate, foster and develop social innovation.


New European Tools for Urban Development

Creative Clusters

The starting assumption of the project is that creativity can act as a driving force for economic development of small urban centres and not only of big cities. Thus, the main value-added that the work of the Creative Clusters network can produce is to transfer the “creative city model” (too much...


How medium sized cities can generate new employment opportunities, prepare workers for jobs, and address mismatches between the supply of labour and demand for workers

JobTown 2

Innovative, Practical Approaches to Tackling Youth Unemployment


Creating a good local economy through procurement


REDIS was a network of cities that was focused on how municipalities can re-shape districts into science quarters.


Developing “triple helix” structures in which municipalities, university and businesses shared a common vision and ambition.


Urban sports promotion for social inclusion, healthy and active living