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ANRU is looking for 2 Capacity-Building Coordinators

12 July 2017

ANRU (Agence Nationale pour la Rénovation Urbaine) is recruiting two Capacity-Building Coordinators who will contribute to the adaptation and transfer of the URBACT action planning methodology to the International Urban Cooperation programme launched by the European Commission.

Application deadline: 11 September 2017, midnight (CET)

Job description

The two Capacity-Building Coordinators will contribute to strengthening the impact of international city-to-city (C2C) cooperation on sustainable urban development put in place by the EU's  International Urban Cooperation (IUC) programme, building on the URBACT methodology. 

The Capacity-Building Coordinators, under the responsibility of the Director of the URBACT III Secretariat, will be mainly in charge of design and transfer of a fit-for-purpose, specific local action planning methodology for the IUC programme:

a) Strategic development of action-planning methodology
• Identification of needs for the action-planning methodology through needs collection and analysis;
• Liaising with representatives of the URBACT and International Urban Cooperation programmes to define the strategy;
• Drafting a strategy based on the URBACT methodology for the three-year programming period and updating the strategy on annual basis following needs and lessons learnt; 
• Contributing to the design of tools and actions deriving from the strategy, including writingcalls for external expertise and service providers assessing bids, preparatory meetings with selected service providers, etc.;
• Coordinating service providers who will contribute to the design and transfer of the URBACT-based methodology and to the training of the IUC team;
• Keeping up to date with capacity-building activities, training, and tools developed within and outside of URBACT for urban practitioners and policy-makers.

b) Production of guidance materials
• Drafting guidance materials for the IUC team responsible for transferring and implementing the URBACT-based methodology. Materials will include guidelines, toolkits on integrated and participative action-planning, reference papers on results framework, self-assessment tools, monitoring tools, templates, stand-alone tools, surveys and questionnaires.

c) Support and training for the IUC team  
• Organising and delivering trainings for the IUC team responsible for transferring and implementing the URBACT-based methodology. The trainings will follow a "train  the  trainers” approach and will be organised at least twice a year;
• Providing continuous support to the IUC team in complement to the trainings and guidance materials through electronic correspondence and physical meetings. 

d) Monitoring and reviewing progress 
• Monitoring and reviewing progress in the transfer of the URBACT-based methodology to the IUC team and to the paired cities, including design of evaluation frameworks (whether internal or out-sourced), conducting  evaluation with beneficiaries, participation in capacity-building activities, etc.;
• Maintaining an archive of key documents and keeping records concerning project activity for reporting purposes.




• Master’s degree in urban policies, sociology, political science, or relevant field etc.;
• Significant work experience related to trainings and capacity-building actions with concrete involvement in the design and delivery of capacity-building activities;
• Proven experience in public presentation and facilitation of workshops and discussions;
• Experience in European and/or international networking/cooperation programmes;
• Knowledge of the URBACT programme is necessary;
• Experience of working in/with local/regional public authorities or any organisation involved in urban issues will be a plus.

Skills and abilities

• Capacity to liaise and make connections between the URBACT and the International Urban Cooperation programmes;
• Capacity to work in an autonomous way;
• Excellent communications and diplomacy skills (both oral and written);
• Excellent public presentation and facilitation skills;
• Fluency in English (both  written  and  spoken), and proficiency  in  at  least  one  other  language; French appreciated;
• Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment;
• Excellent team spirit;
• Organisation skills for setting up workshops, trainings, events etc.;
• Sense of initiative, discretion, mature judgment, and creative spirit is required;
• Computer literacy;
• Availability for frequent travel inside and outside Europe.

More information about the 2 positions can be found HERE


How to apply?

Interested candidates are invited to send their  applications in  English, including a Curriculum Vitae (Europass  format), and a cover letter outlining in particular their relevant experience, what motivates them for the job and why they are suitable for the position.
Supporting documents such as diplomas or reference might be requested on demand.
Applications should be sent by email to Emmanuel  MOULIN, Head of the URBACT Secretariat and Thierry Picquart, Head of Unit - Administration and Coordination

Application deadline: 11 September 2017, midnight (CET)