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CityMobilNet – the next steps

02 March 2017

For the coming 4 months, CityMobilNet follows an ambitious timeline: Our network makes a leap from data assessment to taking care of our visions and priorities, allocating well working measure packages to these having in mind resources at hand as well as how to prove success in the end. In other words: a lot of progress in the development of our SUMPs will happen transnationally and locally and a lot of stories will be at hand to tell.

Old Town Sights in the City of Zadar
Right now, our partners are facing the challenge to transform their mind set from having a look at the real traffic situation at hand to developing the vision and priorities for urban mobility. Locally, we will be busied with capturing the needs and demands of stakeholders and to transfer them jointly into a common vision for our cities. Transnationally, we will take up these results such as the chosen priorities and targets to these to learn how to set-up fitting and well proven measure packages for these. The next seminar, taking place in Zadar 3rd – 5th of April 2017, will showcase urban mobility solutions from project partner cities and from external ones taking the special view of the problems and priorities at hand locally in our network. Partners will as well connect their future work to the next seminar taking place in June 2017 in Braga (PT) already by getting a first notion of considering available resources such as time, budget and manpower. In between the Zadar and Braga seminars, local work will continue by taking up the knowledge on selecting and detailing measure packages in our cities: stakeholders, amongst them as well urban mobility key players, will need to agree on possible, affordable but yet ambitious measures to form the implementation part of their local SUMPs. Working on the measures to implement will certainly lead one or the other of us back to having a look at the chosen targets and even the idea on the future vision for urban mobility. The dense work of 4 month will be wrapped up at the Braga seminar in June by a review on how far we have come and the potentially needed adaptations to make before taking care of allocating budgets, responsibilities for detailed planning and implementation of measures. To keep on track with us, CityMobilNet created its Twitter account @CityMobilNet were we will post any news coming from our work, but as well news from the urban mobility community. Follow us on Twitter to see what currently moves CityMobilNet!