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Does your city want to become green?

01 June 2016

Application have opened for the European Commission’s European Green Capital Award 2019 and European Green Leaf 2018. The European Green Capital Award is given to cities of above 100.000 inhabitants that have shown outstanding commitment to sustainable urban development. The European Green Leaf, introduced in 2015, is an award for smaller-sized cities (20.000-100.000 inhabitants). 

Why should cities apply?

·         Take stock with a free environmental audit by a panel of 12 experts;

·         Join a network of applicants and winners;

·         Show your citizens your commitment to sustainability;

·         Mobilise local partners;

·         Earn official recognition, increased visibility, investments and tourism.

Applications are open until 3 November 2016.

Find all details about applying here. Applicant workshops on 13 June and 1 July.

Please find more information on the DG Environment website or contact the Secretariat at

- Telephone: +32 (0)2 66 33 047
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