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Dublin opens doors to Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market

13 November 2014

Citizens got a chance last October to see what the revamped Victorian market building will be like when it houses a sparkling new retail food market.

Dublin City Council wanted to show its citizens what the city’s majestic fruit and vegetable market will be like after its forthcoming renovation, so last October 18th the city held ‘Open house Dublin’ to showcase the development.

There were guided tours and information sessions about the project as part of the Irish Architecture Foundations Open House weekend. 

This grandiose piece of urban regeneration built in 1892 had a trading floor area of 5800 square metres arranged into a logical grid pattern of trading banks. Now it is used as a wholesale market and it’s only 50% occupied.

Dublin City Council plans to renovate to the structure of the building to completely upgrade the ancillary facilities and introduce a permanent retail food market with an outdoor market. The Project includes opportunities for small producers, food to go, food education, local added value and a vibrant place to ‘meet and eat’.

The City Markets Victorian Building has been the focus of Dublin’s participation in the URBACT Markets Project and specifically the development of its Local Action Plan. 

Approximately 450 people toured the markets last October 18th to hear about its history and its exciting future.


For more information See Dublin City Market Newsletter September 2013