Our Funding

How is URBACT financed?

  • National contributions: Paid by the Member and Partner States based on their population in proportion to the total European population (ex-ante contribution)
  • Local contributions: Cities and regions contribute to URBACT’s budget proportionally to their involvement in the programme.

How does URBACT use the budget?

The budget allocated to axes 1 and 2 finances URBACT project operations, as well as all the activities linked to expertise, capitalisation and communication.

  • Priority axe 1: Cities, engines of growth and jobs
  • Priority axe 2: Attractive and cohesive cities
  • Priority axe 3: Technical assistance

What budget is allocated to URBACT projects

URBACT projects have two phases and a total budget between €150,000 and €710,000 covering both phases (see below). This budget finances its activities: meetings, conferences, publications, communication, etc.

An additional amount is available to each project to cover the costs of thematic and methodological support provided by experts approved by the programme. This amount is:

  • €50,000 for a Working Group
  • €125,000 for a Thematic Network

Implementation of Local Action Plans is covered by the partners or, if possible, by European operational programmes such as ERDF, European Social Fund, etc.


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