Supervision bodies


The European Commission defines and coordinates the overall activities linked to structural fund use in European regions. As part of these actions, the URBACT programme and its projects are partly financed by the Commission, which contributes 78% of the budget via the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

It also plays a consulting role in URBACT II’s Monitoring Committee, where it is represented by the Regional Policy Directorate General (Policy Development Directorate)

Commission services provide specific support to URBACT projects that have received the Fast Track Label.


  • Role: The Monitoring Committee sets URBACT’s strategic direction and makes decisions to ensure that the programme’s work is effective and of high quality. For example, it approves URBACT projects, decides to launch new calls for proposals, regularly verifies project progress and monitors the budgets, makes all the decisions required to implement the programme, etc.
  • In line with the principles of the European Union, it is fully transparent in its activities. It sets up strict approval processes with controls at various levels and at various moments during the span of the programme.
  • Members: 2 representatives of each Member State involved in URBACT. They meet three times a year.
    The president of the Monitoring Committee changes yearly.



The SGCIV (the General Secretariat of the Interministerial Committee of Cities) is under the responsibility of the French Ministry of Urban Policy.

Role: This committee is responsible for implementing the programme, making sure that it is managed in compliance with the law and with European financial procedures. For example, it established a computer system to save and store the accounting information for each URBACT project, it produces an annual report and a final report, etc.

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