URBACT launches urban development training scheme for elected representatives
27 February 2012
URBACT is launching a pilot scheme to train urban elected representatives in integrated and sustainable urban development.  Mayors, deputy mayors and councillors from cities involved in URBACT projects will be invited to take part.

"We're trying out this URBACT training scheme with the European Commission’s backing," said URBACT head of secretariat Emmanuel Moulin.  "It's vital for elected representatives of EU cities to be able to benefit from top-level expertise on integrated and sustainable urban development. 

"The scheme is based on the URBAN Acquis and the Leipzig Charter agreed by all the Member States," said Mr Moulin.

Through three training sessions in Brussels, the course will tackle hot topics in urban policy-making, notably strategic analysis and planning, integration and complementarily of sector policies, the participative approach, and appraising the sustainability of decisions made and policies implemented.

In preparation, URBACT has launched a call for tenders for the training scheme’s design and organisation.  Interested universities and other educational institutions are encouraged to reply – before the deadline of noon on 7 March 2012.

Thierry Picquart
Administration & Coordination Manager

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