Managing migration and Integration at local Level - Cities and Regions (Project completed)

Mile seeks to establish a thematic partnership network of 9 Cities and its Managing Authorities, which is based on the need to develop an integrated exchange programme relating to the theme of "Managing migration and Integration at local LEvel - Cities and Regions (MILE)". The overall goal of the project is to assist partner cities to develop and identify good practice project proposals for possible funding from ERDF, ESF or other EU or National sources of funding.   Mile ...

Project launch :
01 April 2007
Project Completed :
June 2009

Lead Partner

City of Venice


The City of Venice is in Europe and in the world in its day-to-day action: by means of constructive dialogue with other communities, local administrations and International bodies, our City has a precious and important opportunity for local growth, to the benefit of its citizens and local institutions.

It is for this reason and with these goals in mind that the City is an counterpart of the European Union, the United Nations and local government networks, at national and International level.


Lead Expert

Haroon Saad[CV]