Urban N.O.S.E. (Project completed)

Social enterprises can represent the engine of the sustainable development of urban areas in according to Lisbon and Gothenburg agendas and their increase and development favour the social cohesion and the improvement of the urban economy.

The project will provide nine social enterprise incubators, one for each  partner city, according to a common model strictly developed through project activities; also, the project will define an European network of  social ...

Project launch :
01 January 2009
Project Completed :

Lead Partner

Municipality of Gela cmfino@unict.it


Situated on Southern Sicily Coast, Gela is the fifth Sicilian municipality for number of inhabitants, the 71st largest city in Italy and the main agricultural, industrial and commercial centre in the district of Caltanissetta, capital of the same name province. Being a reference point for a large territory of almost 200,000 inhabitants, for decades Gela has been and goes on waiting to be promoted as capital of the so-called Province of the Gulf.

Gela is nowadays one of the most important industrial centres in Sicily, with its Petrol-Chemical Pole (one among the largest in Europe) and the ASI (Industrial Development Board) industrial area with plentiful productive SMEs.

Important agricultural production (appreciated vegetables, wheat, olives and fruits): during the last years have been created several cooperatives for the production, manufacturing and commercialisation of agricultural products.

Tertiary sector in Gela counts a considerable number of family-managed SMEs.

Notwithstanding the activation in the early sixties of a Petrol - Chemical Pole – which engendered the arrival of a huge number of foreign workers in the town, since early nineteen hundreds very numerous have been Gela inhabitants obliged to migrating for job-searching reasons. At the same conditions of many other southern emigrants, the main destinations were, essentially: Northern Italy, Germany and America.


Local Coordinator of Lead Partner Fortunato Ferracane [Vice-Mayor]
Local Vice-Coordinator of Lead Partner Vito Vittorio Scalogna  
Project Coordinator Massimo Finocchiaro Castro [CV]
Financial Expert Cristiano Gualtieri  
Communication Manager Antonella Rinaldi [CV]
Capitalization Manager Giuseppe Di Dio  
Local Developmet Manager Francesco Liardo  


Lead Expert

Sergio Campanellastudioeuropeoc@tin.it[CV]


Lead Thematic Expert upon Urban Development in the framework of the URBACT II Programme, he gained considerable experience in the ambit of URBAN I and II, as well as of URBACT I, LEADER II, LEADER+ and many other participated and integrated programmes. He is also Expert of the European Spatial Planning Observation Network in the framework of the European Research Programme ESPON 2013, and National Expert in Communitary policies since 2002. Endowed with problem-solving and creative orientation, he is proficient in 5 EU languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese). All through his solid and consistent professional career, he had to lead teams from 5 to 15 persons in various European projects and budgets for local sustainable development at various levels, from urban to rural local development. He is National Permanent Representative at the REMADEL, Maghrebian Network of Local Development, gathering the local sustainable development associations of Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. He has also been general coordinator of many and successful European trans-national cooperation projects, counting from 4 up to 12 partner members.