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4D Cities project aims at stimulating the key factors for developing successful integrated policies on Health Innovation so they become driving forces for local development, both at economic and social levels. Partner cities would like to give a boost to inno ...

Project launch :
01 May 2012
Project Completed :

Lead Partner

Municipality of Igualada chacona@aj-igualada.net


Igualada is the capital and central market of the Anoia region in the province of Barcelona in Catalonia (Spain). It has a population of 39.000 inhabitants and it is located at 65 kilometers west from Barcelona and 20 kilometers west from the famous mountain and monastery of Montserrat.

Its strategic crossroad position favored  the origin of Igualada as a market place.  About the year 1003 we find already a reference of a chapel and the defense walls.

On 1381 Igualada received the title of “Street of Barcelona”, equating its rights and prerogatives.

Having a contained growth over the years, is on the XIXth and XXth centuries when Igualada knows a spectacular economic expansion: the textile industries became one of the most important in Catalunya. At the same time the tanning industries positioned the city as the first leather production center in Spain. Gradually appeared also the knitting industries and they have been for years a reference of this sector.

Globalisation behaved the relocation of the local textile industries mainly in the far east countries and one of the first priorities of the new Local Government is to boost the diversification and economic growth. Health is one of the strategic areas for the future.

The Project Lead of 4D Cities is Àngels Chacón. She is Deputy Mayor for Economic Promotion of the Municipality of Igualada. Before being an independent political, Chacón (graduated in law) worked as a Export Director and Manager in a Business Association of the Anoia region. This experience on the private sector will determine the strategies of this Municipality Department.



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Lead Expert

Mireia Sanabrialeadexpert@4dcities.eu[CV]


Mireia Sanabria holds a Bachelor Degree in International Relations (Autonomous University of Barcelona). She has worked in the international field from different sectors, including non-profits, at Population Action International; research, at the Development Department of the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB); and local public administration, at the Badalona City Council. In the last 5 years she has specialized in international projection and networking of local governments. From 2007 to 2011 she headed the International Cooperation Department at the Badalona City Council, the third Catalan municipality, and was responsible for the European, Mediterranean and Latin American projects. Among others the URB-AL II Network 14 EU Programme (2006-2008) on urban public space and social cohesion; the Catalan-Moroccan municipal exchange project PROGOL, focused on public and private partnership for local development; and the European-Latin American project Plataforma de Ciudades on urban planning and citizen’s security. Ms. Sanabria has focused its international work in the area of social innovation and participation issues. Since May 2012 she is part of the Innopro-INVENIES team of experts offering professional services in the management of knowledge and the promotion of social innovation to private and public sector organizations.

Dr. Enric Macarulla thematicexpert@4dcities.eu [CV]


Dr. Enric Macarulla is general and digestive surgeon and head of research and teaching department at General Hospital of Igualada (the Anoia Health Consortium) , professor of anatomy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, professor at the Bages University Foundation and collaborator teacher at the Health Studies Institute.

As a head of research and teaching department of the Anoia Health Consortium (General Hospital of Igualada), he has developed many R+D+I projects, one of them is a project to promote innovation of simulation in the field of the health. Dr. Macarulla has worked in this field for 10 years and also, since 2009 he has been the director of the 4D Health the Center of Innovation for simulation in the field of the health, which combines health professionals training in technical and non technical competences, with translational innovation (final customer is collaborating with innovation) and companies partnership, where their products, technology or methodology are analysed by means of usability and professional knowledge. The environment of this field is provided by clinical processes simulation with interdisciplinary team’s management.

4D Health will open at the autumn of 2013 and it would be an international reference in Health Innovation.

At the Medicine faculty of the Autonomous University of Barcelona is the deanery expert for simulation for teaching student of health studies (medicine, nursery, physiotherapy, biosciences).

Dr. Macarulla is member of Catalonian networking for simulation in the health field.

He is member of several scientific societies as the European Association of Coloproctology, The American Society of Colon and rectal Surgeons, the Spanish Society of Digestive Pathology, the Spanish Association of Coloproctology and the Catalan Society of Surgery.

As a 4D Cities Thematic Expert, Dr. Macarulla is providing an added value in  the project with his transversal expertise and knowledge in the Health field, collaborating to develop policies that allow the growth of cities through the interaction with this sector.