Creative SpIN

Creative SpIN will set tools and methods to trigger creativity and innovation in businesses and other kinds of public and private organisations by encouraging artists, creative professionals (in advertising, design, architecture), cultural institutions and industries to engage with other sectors to share their competencies and skills.

Significance of the Project

"Creative spillovers" has in most recent  times, come to the forefront of the government's agenda.  ...

Project launch :
01 May 2012
Project Completed :

Lead Partner

Birmingham City Council


The city of Birmingham is located in the West Midlands, geographically close to the centre of England.  It was know as the "City of 1,000 trades" in reference to the thriving manufacturing industry that was based here.  Birmingham is the second most populated city in the UK after London, with over 1 million residents.  Birmingham also has the largest local authority in Europe.

Once a market town, the city came to prominence during the industrial revolution where it became a pioneer in manufacturing and technologies.  Massive investment and bold cultural initiatives have transformed the cityscape and underpinned Birmingham's transformation as a major European city.  Today, Birmingham is a large diverse city, and is a leading UK city for the arts and culture.

Birmingham has 3 universities, 2 university colleges and is home to more than 65,000 higher education students.


Lead Expert



Philippe Kern is the founder and managing director of KEA European Affairs, a strategic consultancy based in Brussels specialised in providing advice, support and research in relation to creative industries and sport since 1999. An important voice for Europe's cultural and creative industries, he is a recognised leader in the world of entertainment, culture, sport and digital technology.

KEA authored the following studies for the European Commission:  The Economy of Culture in Europe (2006) and the Impact of Culture on Creativity (2009) which looked into spillovers impact of culture investment.  On behalf of Amsterdam, KEA also set up the winning consortium managing the European Creative Industry Alliance (an initiative from DG Enterprise).  KEA is specialised in advising cities and local authorities on culture for local economic and social development.