RUnUP (Project completed)

A specific issue facing Urban Poles is that they cannot make sufficient use of existing University knowledge and competencies to support economic development and ecourage entrepreneurship. RUnUP addresses this with partners focusing on developing powerful 'Triple Helix' structures and partnerships to support economic development and innovation competence.


Project launch :
21 November 2008
Project Completed :

Lead Partner

Gateshead Council


Gateshead, with a population of over 192,000 people, is situated on the banks of the river Tyne in North East England. Gateshead Council is currently involved in multilateral efforts to link the work and priorities of local authorities with those of local universities. This work involves triple helix based cooperation and the input of numerous stakeholders in the development of new and innovative policy interventions at the local and regional levels. This is part of a wider multi-authority strategic partnership approach aimed at improving local economic development, including concerted efforts to up skill local populations and improving local economic development. As part of the RUnUP partnership, Gateshead is seeking to dramatically improve the way in which innovation underpins the local and regional economy. By bringing together major actors from diferrent sectors, the aim is to imrpove cross sectoral understanding, cooperation and coordination of efforts in the post-industrial economy.


Lead Expert

Dr. Clive


Clive Winters is Assistant Director of Coventry University Enterprises Ltd and Co-Director of the Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship at Coventry University. Clive has specific expertise in delivering international and national projects, consultancy and university related activities in the fields of pre-incubation and incubation support, innovation support for SMEs and regional economic development. Clive has managed the West Midlands Regional Foresight programme for Advantage West Midlands and was a member of the European Commission (DG Research) High Level Expert Group on Regional Foresight in 2002. Subsequently Clive was the lead investigator on a European Commission Regions of Knowledge project 'Regional Economic Development through Foresight and Mentoring' and has been a lead expert on regional innovation schemes and strategies for regions in Poland, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Slovenia and is currently lead expert for an URBACT II thematic network exploring the role of Universities in urban poles with 9 European towns and cities.