ENTER.HUB, aims at developing innovative planning tools enhancing urban planning and city policies in order to reach a sustainable urban and territorial development thanks to the strengthening and widening of the railway systems, particular by exploiting the economic, cultural and social inducts of railway hubs of regional relevance.
The network of local actors will redefine territorial/functional systems around these hubs, by exploiting these “agglomerates of flows” to strengthen co ...

Project launch :
01 May 2012
Project Completed :

Lead Partner

Municipality of Reggio Emilia david.zilioli@municipio.re.it


Reggio Emilia, located in the Northern side of Italy, in the Emilia Romagna region, is a middle sized city (170.000 inhabitants) which will have its High Speed Station built and in function at the end of year 2012.
The HS station of Reggio Emilia will be a sort of “pilot case” in Italy, of station located “in line” and out of the city centre. The main problematic seems to be the station position: being a station serving more than only one city, it has been located out of the city.
The main challenge for Reggio Emilia is to spread the HS station positive inducts by disposing of more efficient and “permeable” infrastructural systems serving the HS station to the benefit of the whole station catchment area.
The Project Coordinator is Mr David Zilioli, head of the Northern Area Project Unit, the Municipal Department dedicated to the works and activities linked to the arriving of the High Speed Line and station in the northern area of the city (see www.km129.it).


Lead Expert

Robert Stussi (Development phase) and Jean Jacques Terrin (Implementation phase)


ROBERT STUSSI (Lead Expert Development Phase)

Robert Stussi is Portuguese and Swiss – an urban/regional and transport/mobility planner with 4 degrees and more than 35 years of a varied experience as free lance consultant and manager of various companies; research and teaching experience at several universities and training courses; advisor to government and regional and local authorities; as team or consortium leader and as project director, responsible for the management of projects and studies financed by different countries and international agencies (WB, EC, BAD, ASDI); he has had working experience and residence in Canada, Europe, Africa and Latin America. He is owner and director of a transport consultancy since 1991. [CV] Mail: rstussi@gmail.com

JEAN JACQUES TERRIN (Lead Expert Implementation Phase

Architect, Doctor in Architecture, Research director. Jean-­‐Jacques Terrin undertakes research and publishes books on the changing design practices and their relations with sustainability. He is associated to Lab’Urba, University Paris-­‐Est and to LéaV, School of Architecture at Versailles; associated professor at the Department of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Tirana; thematic expert for the EU program Urbact. He collaborates regularly with the Research Group IF, University of Montreal. He has worked on numerous design and urban planning projects. He is fluent in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. [CV] Mail: jjterrin@gmail.com