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Interview with Dirk Ahner, Director General DG Regional Policy

Land use management for sustainable European cities

"The DG Regional Policy is happy to see that the thematic scope of the URBACT program has increased with projects, which tackle cities sustainable development. The LUMASEC project on land use management goes into this direction since environment is becoming an essential part of our cooperation in the field of sustainable urban development."

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LUMASEC Supplement

A targeted supplement presents the main issues on land use management and the LUMASEC project results

Have a quick view on land use management for sustainable European cities and the LUMASEC project.

A view on land use management for sustainable European cities and the LUMASEC project:

- Land use management in European cities 
- Interview with Dirk Ahner, DG Regio
- Book on sustainable land use management
- URBACT activities

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The need for integrated policies in the context of economic crisis and the new

On the 15th of September 2008, just one year ago, the Lehman Brothers Investment Holding went bankrupt: it was the beginning of a global crisis, which in scale has been unprecedented for at least the last seven centuries. This collapse has ignored borders, placing capitalism under a big question mark. The global dimension has affected all sectors of society, on different levels, at
different stages and over different time scales. Although today some economic figures indicate a slow consolidation of the economy, it appears more and more that cities and regions in Europe will be confronted by the consequences in 2010 and later, accompanied with huge financial difficulties - and things will never be the same as before.

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Thematic Report III

The report aims to briefly explore some of the key issues for the sustainable land use management of Europe's cities today as a context for the prime
focus of this report on initiatives to support sustainable land use management in the Bristol region, the thematic focus adopted by the City of Bristol as a contribution to

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Thematic Report II

Participatory Process in Sustainable Land Use Management

For the LUMASEC approach on land use management, the factor ”involving
people” is essential. To involve people in an early stage is not only a principle
but also a tool to reach several objectives of a sustainable land use

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Thematic Report I

Occurrence of urban sprawl and information for sustainable land use management

Cities in Europe are facing major challenges: by 2020, about 80 percent of the European population will be living in urban areas. Also technological evolution and market globalization generate new challenges for townscapes and social structures, which are in fundamental transformation: cities have to cope with problems of land consumption, urban sprawl, brownfields and lack of attractiveness.

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Baseline Study

Cities in Europe are facing major challenges: today, over 60 percent of the European population live in urban areas with more than 50,000 inhabitants. However, at the beginning of the 21st Century, the urban future of our continent has been directly affected by urban land use, and, by 2020, about 80 percent will be living in urban areas, or much more.

LUMASEC is a network of decision makers of small and medium sized cities, which is developing strategies of land use management for sustainable European cities. The network consists of local stakeholders of public and private sectors, and call up existing knowledge and experience. The outcome of the working group is on the one hand a toolkit for local decision makers and, on the other a policy recommendation for the EU to focus on the framework the local decision makers are working in.

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Flyer on LUMASEC

Download our LUMASEC Flyer with a brief overview of our project.

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