HOPUS (Project completed)

In May 2007, the Council of European Ministers for Urban development set out the Leipzig Charter: an ambitious document for the future of our cities, advocating a new way of working on our environment. One year later, European cities face the task of bringing those propositions to life, providing higher-quality housing for more and more citizens, making access to affordable housing as simple as possible. In times of economic drought this might not prove easy: yet the real challenge consists in g ...

Project launch :
28 April 2008
Project Completed :

Lead Partner

CITERA - Faculty of Architecture "Valle Giulia" urbact@uniroma1.it[CV]


CITERA is a research centre set up in 2001 within the Faculty of Architecture “Valle Giulia”, “Sapienza” University of Rome. Its members belong to the Departments of Urban Planning, Architectural Design, Construction Technology, Technical Installations, Sociology etc. It is therefore a multi-disciplinary research centre, and from its foundation it has carried out a significant number of activities for both public and private subjects. It is a part of “Sapienza” University, a public institution which is the world’s second-largest University. CITERA’s most significant involvement in the field of housing studies has been the drafting, carried out during 2007, of the Code of practice for new public housing developments in Rome.


Lead Expert

Prof. Matthew Carmonam.carmona@ucl.ac.uk


Bartlett School of Planning, UC London