TOGETHER for Territories of Coresponsibility

In a context of economic crisis, the situations of unemployment and social exclusion are more and more common. To face this phenomenon, the solutions that are needed cannot be only based on economic resources but should also take into account the citizens themselves for job creation through social links, the pooling of efforts and the seeking for innovative solutions based on local needs. So to say, the search for solutions to the crisis should be better shared between public authorities, eco ...

Project launch :
25 November 2009
Project Completed :

Lead Partner

City of Mulhouse / Monica PETROVICI


The city of Mulhouse was the first city to implement the methodology to set up indicators of well-being and of social cohesion and inclusion with the citizens. This methodology was proposed by the Council of Europe in the frame of its strategy of social cohesion.
As a result, the city was a pioneer for this methodology, defining it with more accuracy and then starting to take part to its dissemination to other cities.
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Lead Expert



Jon Bloomfield has been working on economic and social issues concerning cities for over twenty-five years. This work has included: working with professionals and citizens in the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods; developing city-wide policies for children and elderly people; testing out innovative economic ideas; and leading European urban networks for best practice. For the last five years he has also worked at the University of Birmingham, writing for the European Commission and Europe’s Committee of the Regions. This combination of practical and academic experience makes him well-placed to act as the Lead Expert on TOGETHER, exploring new methods of citizen engagement in eight European cities.