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Good Practice Call

Is there any budget foreseen for the selected Good Practice Cities?

There is no direct financial award for the selected URBACT Good practice cities. However, URBACT programme has foreseen a significant budget for promotional activities of the selected URBACT Good Practices cities. This means that the financial benefits for the selected Good practice Cities are indirect (covered T&A costs; production of promotional materials - videos, publications; online city profiles etc.)


In case the URBACT Good Practice City wants to transfer the good practice within the Transfer network, the standard network budget will be foreseen (600.000 - 750.000 eur).

Can Article 7 cities apply to Good practice call?

If article 7 cities consider they have a good practice to share, they should definitely apply.

Can we submit the proposal for the Transfer Network call even if not submitting the Good practice proposal?

Only the cities selected as URBACT Good Practice City will be eligible for sharing the good practice within the Transfer Network. Cities interested in ‘receiving’ the selected good practice and testing it in their context should apply later as a network partner. 


Is it necessary to submit the project proposal for Transfer Network if being selected as Good Practice City?

Being a selected as Good Practice City and willing to share the practice within the Transfer Network means being qualified to be a ‘mentor city’ for the transfer of good practice. Only the selected Good Practice Cities will be eligible for sharing the good practice within the Transfer Network.

In case we want to share our (selected) good practice within the framework of Transfer Network, is it necessary to be a Lead partner in the network?

As the holder of a Good practice you will have the responsibility to mentor the process of sharing the good practice. This does not necessarily imply the Lead partner role. After the selection of all Good Practice Cities we will conduct a survey with you in order to get your input.  This will help us define the requirements and roles in the call for Transfer Networks.


Does the practice need to have been developed by the city itself or it can be developed by other actors (NGO, citizens etc.)?

If the practice was developed and is being managed by other actors, it should be at least endorsed and supported by the city. That is why the application form requires contact details of the official from the city or the city’s agency who holds the responsibility behind the good practice.

What if the city is not willing to share the good practice within the framework of the Transfer network?

URBACT will award ALL the selected good practice cities with a label followed by a series of promotional activities in order to raise awareness of your cities success and improve the visibility of your Good Practice in the European arena. Therefore, all the cities are strongly invited to apply.


Is it possible to submit several good practice proposals?

You can submit more than one good practice proposal. You can be labeled as a ‘Good Practice City’ for several good practices.

We have a good practice but we are not sure it corresponds to the URBACT principles (integrated and participative approach)?

You can find a lot of examples of the integrated approach on the URBACT website and blog.  Practice is different to theory and integration and participation take many forms.  If you are in doubt we would encourage you to apply  and tell us more about your good practice.   The call document also provides some examples of what URBACT principles mean in a broad sense.


What do we mean by a good practice "proven to work"?

In order to know if we actually achieved the “change we wanted to see”, we need to know what our starting position is and what our desired results are. When we know the starting position (baseline figures) we can start thinking how to change it. It may happen that the practice is composed of numerous processes/ models, some of them worked-well and some of them might not be successful. If we do a proper analysis of different processes/ models we can improve them next time or experiment with another tool, until the desired result is achieved. If you did all these steps, this means your good practice is well documented.

This is important in order to enable an efficient process of transfer of the good practice - having a clear understanding of why certain moments/ models/ processes worked well and brought the desired results.

Are there specific themes for Good practice call?

The Good practice call is open to all themes which are of interest to cities in Europe today.  You will be asked to justify the theme of your Good Practice demonstrating how it is of interest to other cities.

What does it mean "good" practice?

A practice with the positive experience that brings about the change we want to see. The article - will give you a better idea of what “good” means for URBACT.

How are we going to be informed about the results of the Good practice call?

All applicants will receive the notification email about the results of the application with a short explanation by the end of May 2017.

How can we submit the proposal for the Good Practice Call?

Please consult section 5 of the Good Practice Call (link) and on the dedicated website of the Good practice call.