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Financial Instruments are not Rocket Science: Join CSI EUROPE Network Final Conference

14 January 2015
Take part in URBACT's CSI Europe Network at an energetic 1-day conference in rethinking ways of financing urban development in Lille, France on 5 February 2015.


CSI Europe, one of the networks supported by URBACT will hold its Final Conference to introduce the Theme Papers on Governance, Regulation, State Aid and Technical Assistance. The key message will be to encourage the use of Financial Instruments as a tool for cities and managing authorities to support Integrated Sustainable Urban Development.  

CSI Europe is a network of cities supported by the URBACT programme since 2012. The aim of CSI Europe is to build on the different experiences of the partners in relation to financial instruments and urban investment.

The city of Manchester leads the network with partners' cities: The Hague, Poznan, Porto, Ancona, Malmö, Leipzig, Riga, Seville & the European métropole of Lille.

The CSI Europe partners all share a common objective: to make financial instruments work for cities, responding to city strategic priorities for urban development. In the past 2 years, cities and experts all over Europe have been building on the different experiences in relation to financial instruments and urban investments. Check out the interactive video on the workings of CSI Europe.

This event focuses on the future models for investment. The conference will provide participants with the opportunity to liaise with network partners, managing authorities, regional and local representatives, as well as representatives from the European Commission, European Investment Bank and Fund Managers. Check out a video introducing the conference.

For more information and to register to participate in the event in Lille, France on 5 February, 2015 click here.

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