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In Focus 2nd thematic workshop “Cluster-based local economic development in the context of smart specialisation”

15 February 2017

URBACT In Focus second transnational meeting was held in Frankfurt from the 24th to the 25th of November 2016. The meeting was focused on how clusters and cluster policy can be a main delivery tool in smart specialisation strategies at the local level.

The two-days meeting represented a great opportunity to share experiences, participate in a series of panels and discussion groups, and attend expert presentations.

On the first day of the meeting, after a brief introduction to the workshop theme “Smart specialisation as a booster for cluster-based economic development”, by Mr. Miguel Rivas, Lead Expert for In Focus, we had the opportunity to learn from a cluster-based view of Frankfurt Rhine-Main metropolitan region.

Grenoble and Porto held an interesting dialogue on the role of cities in today´s cluster policy followed by discussion and work in small groups. We also learnt how to move from sector prioritization to specialized diversification with Bordeaux laser & photonics cluster, Pôle Alpha Route des Lasers and GAIA, Basque Country ICT cluster.

We discussed about what business clusters need from local/metropolitan governments and SPRI, Business Development Agency of the Basque Country, presented the Basque country experience in connecting clusters to smart specialisation and established links with CLUSTERS3 network, which aims to leverage Cluster Policies for a successful implementation of RIS3.

After an intense first day of work, on the 25th we collectively identified the lessons learned during the previous day and think about how to usefully apply them when getting back home.

Finally, we enjoyed a guided tour to the House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM), a unique infrastructure of knowledge and innovation on which universities and businesses cooperate to advance topics of the future, creative processes, and innovation in the field of logistics and mobility.

15 Feb 2017

In focus

In focus
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