Active Travel Network (Project completed)

The project aims to tackle transport problems caused by solo car use in small/medium sized cities by motivating walking/cycling (NMT). In view of the economic crisis and steadily increasing oil prices NMT is a sensible alternative to using cars for short trips in cities. Furthermore, the project contributes to reducing fossil energy and CO2. Professional awareness campaigns for decision makers, stakeholders and sitizens are to be worked out and put into practice in the porject period. Increas ...

Project launch :
25 November 2009
Project Completed :

Lead Partner

City of Weiz, Austria


 The Lead Partner Team


Barbara Kulmer                                         
Employee of the                                                          
Municipality of Weiz.                                                                             
She is responsible for our
network overall                    .
communication activities
and financial reporting.


Town Councillor Mag. Oswin Donnerer
Responsible for healthcare,
energy and environement.


Lead Expert

Robert Pressl


Employee at FGM-AMOR

Main activities:

project-development / project-leader of national and international research, implementation, dissemination and training projects in the fileds of mobility management.

Author / Co-author of several handbooks and manuals on mobility management and travel awareness.