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Freight TAILS goes to Parma, Italy, February 2017

07 March 2017

Freight TAILS partners were welcomed to the 5th Transnational Meeting of the URBACT III Freight TAILS Action Planning Network by the Deputy Mayor of Municipality of Parma, Mr Gabriele Folli.   We met on 1-2 February 2017 for two full days of discussion on the topic of urban freight, with a focus on our transnational theme of urban freight transport and ‘integration’.  We were pleased to be joined by external ‘voices of experience’ in the field which contributed greatly to the richness of our discussions.

Mr. Gabriele Folli, Deputy Mayor of Municipality of Parma, welcomes the Freight TAILS cities and external attendees to the 5th transnational network meeting on 1-2 February 2017.

Our meeting venue was the very beautiful Casa Della Musica in the heart of Parma’s historic central area.  On the second day we were given a walking tour of the historic city centre, conducted by Municipality of Parma.  We saw and heard about the problems associated with current freight movements in the historic city centre area, including the complex regulations covering urban freight transport. 

We would like to extend our very great thanks to our kinds hosts from Municipality of Parma.

Our 6th transnational meeting of the Freight TAILS Action Planning Network will take place in Gdynia, Poland, on 5-6th April 2017.  The focus of this meeting will be on the theme of urban freight transport and ‘regulation & enforcement’. 

If you are interested in participating in future meetings of the Freight TAILS network, please contact the Freight TAILS project co-ordinator Charlotte Knell,