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Freight TAILS hears from a range of relevant Voices

07 March 2017

Our Freight TAILS transnational exchange and capacity building activity was greatly enriched at our recent network meeting in Parma, 1-2 February 2017 when we were joined by the following ‘urban freight transport and integration’ voices of experience and case studies:

Giuseppe Luppino, from  Institute for Transport and Logistics talked to the meeting about Sustainable Urban Logistics PlannIng to Enhance Regional freight transport.  Mr Luppino is the Chairman of the Open EnLOCC network -  an open network of regional logistics competence centres in the field of logistics, run by public authorities or similar bodies, and is involved in the SULPiter EU project, which addresses the issue of SULPs at Functional Urban Areas (FUAs).  

Birgit Georgi, previously of the European Environment Agency, talked to the meeting about Urban Freight Transport & Environmental Issues.

Andrea Saccon owns and operates the Parma cargo bike company La Sajeta, and explained to the group his reasons for setting up the company, his USP, and his hopes for the future.

We also heard from ‘Parma non spreca. Fighting against waste’ an organisation that currently provides food to those in poverty through a special ‘supermarket’ called Emporio, and is currently planning a project to divert edible food away from the waste stream. 

The Freight TAILS network would like to thank all the external experts who attending the meeting, presented master classes and case studies and contributed to such a rich exchange.

For more information on Freight TAILS please contact project co-ordinator Charlotte Knell, Cross River Partnership