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Gen-Y City's transnational meetings

24 April 2017
During the first activities period in Phase 2, three transnational meetings were held.
1) Kick of meeting (22nd —24th June 2016 – Torun). This meeting focused on some of the reasons why GEN-Y ‘creative-tech’ development is important to the future of cities across the EU and some of the core underpinning principles of Urbact, including Transnational Exchange, Integrated Action Planning and the Role of the ULG Co-ordinator. Study Visits were organized to a number of Youth Social Enterprises Locally and Business Link (a Polish business incubator provider);
2) ’Creative Tech’ Talent Development and Retention (27th – 28th September 2016 – Wolverhampton). This Transnational Exchange Visit focused on what different cities are doing across Europe to develop and retain GEN-Y ‘creative tech’ talent, looking particularly at the creation of strong talent eco-systems. Partners were also asked to provide an evidence base of the particular issues that they were trying to address in their area through their work on this project. Study visits included sessions in Jaguar Land Rover’s Education Centre and the University of Wolverhampton’s Spark Innovation Centre;
3) The role of Creativity in making a city attractive to GEN-Y ‘Creative Tech’ Talent. – (7th – 8th November 2016 – Genoa). This transnational exchange meeting focused on the horizontal (in terms of creativity, culture and design in general terms in the wider society) and the role of the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) in supporting cities to be attractive to GEN-Y. The Music industry was a particular area of focus for Genoa. Study visits included sessions with MadLab, a community based FabLab, and the Talent Garden, an business incubator.

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