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Good Practice from the Network: CrowdBuilding! Bring a vacant building and use it

12 January 2018

The Intermediate 2nd Chance Good Practice Compilation n.1 includes the most interesting examples of Project and Tools to Support the Reactivation of Vacant Buildings presented by the Partners and Experts during the Meetings. One of the external Good Practice included in the Compilation is the CrowdBuilding platform, which is operated by a cooperation of architect’s offices.

The platform showcases vacant buildings for which interested people can search for. Thus, the platform facilitates to bring potentials users with a vacant building together. The whole process is organised that the potential users decide together how they will use the building in the future before buying it altogether. 

Objective of the project is to bring vacant buildings together with potential users who buy it as a group and use it.

The process is done in 6 main steps:

1. The architect’s offices are searching for empty buildings, i.e. by asking municipalities and property owner companies.

2. Like the building that suits you Through the web-based CrowdBuilding platform a person can search for one or more buildings where he/she would like to live.

3. Follow your favourite building The building(s) the person is interested in, he/she can follow by clicking the "Follow" button. As soon as there is a news about the reuse of the building he/she will automatically receives an update.


4. Specify what you want People interested in a building can describe the idea how they want to use the building. If someone is interested in that idea he/she can 'like' and comment it. Together the people decide what is going to happen to the building.

5. The design phase Once an idea for a building has enough “followers”, an architect starts to create a design / housing concept based on the idea. Once a draft of the concept is finished, all followers receive an update. The people can “like” or “unlike” the design and leave comments. Based on the feedback the concept is refined.


6. Ownership Once the design for the building has enough “likes” the architect supports the interested crowd to contact the property owner and buy the plot. First then a contract between the architect and the new owners for the architectural services will be concluded.


Further information / examples in the web;

Contact person
Tjeerd Haccou / Marthijn Pool

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