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LINKS Project - How can eco-restoration become an asset for the local economy?

22 March 2012

According to the URBACT project LINKS, in the economic current crisis eco-restoration can provide a new impetus for employment and boost the economy at large. Thus the project's nine partners organised their third thematic workshop in the French city of Bayonne on the topic 'How can eco-restoration become an asset for the local economy?'. Read the inputs and outputs of this challenging meeting.

Led by Bayonne, LINKS seeks to establish a positive relationship between living in historic inner cities, promotion of the sustainable urban model and the preservation of architectural identity and heritage value.

Following workshops in Almeria and Veria dedicated to the identification of current aspirations to live in historic centres and the technical aspects of eco-restoration, LINKS partners met in Bayonne to examine the economic implications of eco-restoration. For the project, eco-restoration offers a new vision for preserving cultural and urban heritage.

Four main questions were addressed by the LINKS partners:

  • How can local sourcing and supply sustainable materials be promoted in building companies? How can a "green" supply chain be stimulated?
  • How can eco-restoration contribute to local employment? How can local authorities support the offer of knowledge and skills in this sector? What improvements are required in terms of practices and what are the training needs in the building sector?
  • Which legal framework can stimulate the eco-restoration of our historical city centres? Do we have (good) examples of good practices among our members?
  • How can we improve the financial framework to promote eco-restoration projects among small and medium enterprises ?

In a context of economic troubles, partners were looking for efficient strategic approaches to find the right balance between investment and return in eco-restoration projects.

Read the PDF iconEXE_Cpte_rendu_col_debrief_2_Mise_en_page_1.pdf of their discussions and results.

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