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Loulé and Budapeste were present at the transnational meeting - deep dive - that took place in Krakow, Poland

29 March 2017

On the 20th and 21st of March, a delegation of Loulé visited Krakow, in a transnational meeting with representatives of the Polish city and also Budapest (Hungary).


The delegation of Loulé was composed by João Martins, councilman of the Municipality of Loulé, Tiago Guadalupe, local coordinator of the project "Vital Cities", Júlio Guerreiro, from the Communication Office, Adriana Cavaco, the Social Action Technician of the Municipality of Loulé, and Luís Vicente, Vice-President of the Tennis Club of Loulé, one of the local partners of the Autarchy of Loulé in this European project.
The delegation travelled to Krakow for two intense days of meetings that were consummated in a "deep dive" in the ongoing projects in the Polish city with 800 thousand inhabitants, within the European project "Vital Cities", the European network led by Loulé and constituted of 10 European cities, which aims promoting active and healthy lifestyles in the struggle against inactivity and fostering social cohesion.
This was an opportunity to share experiences but also to improve the activities carried out by the Polish municipality, inscribed in the philosophy of the "Vital Cities", through the proposals and suggestions presented by the Portuguese and Hungarian partners and by the Lead Expert Twan De Bruijn.
On balance, Tiago Guadalupe, the local coordinator of the European project, considered very interesting to verify that different places have similar problems, referring that the city of Krakow "has the same type of challenges as Loulé, despite the cultural uniqueness, specific context, tradition and democratic values, so the answers in each case will necessarily be different”. Concluding that "this transnational meeting was held in an extremely positive exchange of experiences, in addition to being able to make contact with the new trends at European level and because significant steps are being taken in the old continent, in order to make cities more active and vital".
It should be noted that this was one of the 10 transnational meetings in which each city will host two days, two other network partners, to exchange experiences and analyse local projects. In this sense, in the month of April, the representatives of Loulé will be in 13th District of Budapest, Hungary to participate in the second and last Deep Dive.