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06 April 2017

On March 30th and 31st, the City of Šibenik hosted a two-day deep dive workshop within Vital cities network. Main topic of the workshop was revitalization of public areas in order to increase all segments of recreation. Throughout series of workshops, using URBACT methodology, representatives of Italy and Latvia helped City of Šibenik’s team with generating new ideas for creation of Integrated Action Plan. The workshops were mentored by the lead expert on the project – Twan De Brujin and his assistant Daniela Huszar.

The aforementioned delegation visited beach Banj and Dražen Petrović basketball court, City of Šibenik’s examples of good practice. Afterwards they visited forest park Šubićevac - part of the city that represents target area of ​​the project.

Later, forest park Šubićevac served as a topic of design challenge workshops that were held in City Hall. Workshops were also attended by the Urban local group (ULG) members that are actively involved in development of Integrated Action Plan. ULG was composed of specialists from different fields important for overall development of public spaces.  Using the methods prescribed by UBRACT program, gathered participants brought up ideas and suggestions for the future development of the Forest park that will be further elaborated in the following project phases.

The overall conclusion of the workshops was that all cities within the network are faced with similar challenges regardless of cultural differences and the specific environment in which the project activities take place. The challenge that lies ahead of us is the adoption of designed solutions to each of the partner cities by focusing on redesign of public spaces and better provision of services with the purpose of raising the level of recreational activities in the city.