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Sign of the times: new URBACT projects reflect people power patterns

10 May 2016

There is widespread agreement that public administration needs to be modernised, reflecting the transitions taking place in how we work and communicate. There is a need for greater transparency and collaboration around the design and delivery of services. This, many would contend, can only be achieved through social innovation and more active engagement with citizens.  

In this article penned by Eddy Adams in March 2016, it is noted that a number of the URBACT-funded Action Planning Networks (APNs) are placing a greater emphasis on citizen engagement in the development of our towns and cities.  One such project is the CHANGE! Initiative which involves the Irish Council of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown.  Involving nine partner cities, ‘CHANGE! – Social Design of Public Services’ is working to transform local public services – especially social services – through the development and roll-out of more collaborative service delivery models.  This includes using social networks to not only enhance service delivery and make it more efficient but also to build social capital and inclusion. 

As a model – and there are others noted in this timely article - this is particularly interesting given the growing emphasis being placed on the role of community planning as part of the ongoing reform of local government. 

Happy reading!