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Integrated Urban Development


How to design and co-create greener cities?

Chantal van Ham, European Programme Manager Nature Based Solutions and Katharina Dropmann of International Union for Conservation of Nature Brussels...


InnovaTOr - Everybody is an innovator

Fabio Sgaragli, Lead Expert of the URBACT Transfer Network InnovaTOr reveals how Turin is spearheading Innova.TO, making municipal employees tomorrow...


Plan your own temporary use journey!

Marcelline Bonneau introduces the concept of Temporary Use and URBACT’s REFILL networks achievements over the past 2 and a half years.


Making Spend Matter

"Instead of looking to attract wealth through inward investment, we started to think about the wealth we already had at our disposal and building and...


Let the music play!

Sandra Rainero shares her passion for the ONSTAGE Transfer Network where communities let arts and culture bring them together. Music to our ears.....