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Turin Social Innovation Summit

27 April 2017

Turin is the first city in Italy to have a programme promoting and supporting new entrepreneurial  ideas in the field of social innovation, realised through FaciliTo Giovani and Torino Social Innovation. In 2016 the City of Turin has also been awarded the second prize as European Capital of Innovation, tanks to the City’s open innovation approach in supporting startups with social impact and ability to create new market opportunities for innovation.

This event (5th April) represents the opportunity to show the results of the programme Torino Social Innovation which is in its final stage ( a final report have been presented), discuss about future scenarios of social innovation in European cities – among them Torino and other two cities of the Boostinno network (URBACT) participating to the event- and know the startups supported by the programme and the local ecosystem. More than 25 social innovative startups, funded by TSI, have shown our product/services to potential clients ( public authorities as Milano, Venice, National Cohesion Agency, italian National association of Cities, Paris, Barcelona, Universities).  For this reason  Boosting Social Innovation event has been a first example of brokerage activity organized by public authority in the field of social innovation. More than 250 people have attendee the event.


This event can be defined as a first result of Torino Integrated Action Plan, a important step forward to redesign a new  set of actions to boost social innovation. It has been focused on the role of the cities to improve innovative models and  to spread and replicate successful exeperiences. This is in line with the objective of Boostinno to stimulate the development of platforms enabling the dialogue between social innovators and potential partners/clients/beneficiaries at local and european level. The european dimension is essential to boost social innovation, and it'up to the cities as "open" hubs to find the right way to connect local urban systems sharing same issues, strategies, creative communities. In this sense Urbact Programme plays an essential role promoting networking activities among cities and local actors facing same urban challenges. Boostinno provides a unique dialogue platform of learning and sharing, and the participation of three big cities like Barcelona, Paris, Milan to the above mentioned event  shows evidence of willing to collaborate to find european models to apply to boost social innovation. The brokerage event, hold in Turin on 5 April, between european cities and social entreprises can bee seen as example of social innovation collaborative model to adopt at european level, an opportunity to promote dialogue between cities and innovators, clients and providers, an inspiring event to think in a different way about social problems to be faced. The innovation runs fast, thus it's crucial to learn quickly and use lean and flexible instruments for boosting social innovative in appropriated context. Boostinno  is network of cities working with this awareness and willing to generate a new wave of european social innovators.

 European experts on social innovation have been invited as 

  • Prof. Mario Calderini, Polytechnic of Milan, School of Management, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of Social Impact Agenda for Italy.
  • Francesca Rizzo i SIC - Social Innovation Community, Horizon 2020
  • Laura Colini, Programme Expert URBACT