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Two simple but effective communication tools to help retail and tourism, by Bistrita

29 May 2018

To increase the benefits of the local retailers, but also in an attempt to make the Retailink project as visible as possible for all stakeholders and citizens, Bistrita's team decided to set up a Facebook page and to create a Map with the main shops, restaurants and touristic attractions. Two new communication tools that boost collaboration between the project's stakeholders. "What we intended was to create a strong local bond between different retailers, to show them that we are all together part of this community and of this specific project, and that by doing something together, there are better chances of succeeding than acting on our own!", explain the romanian partners. An article by Cristina Cudrec and Mihai Rusti.

The first step to promote the local retail offer was the creation of a Facebook page called "Bistrita Centre Shop". The goal of the page was to gather together all retailers, to have a common space where they could post their offers, new merchandise, promotions, etc, but also a page for all the citizens, where they could find important information about events happening in the city centre, the cultural life and other aspects of everyday life. Also, this is meant to be a place where relevant stakeholders can be informed on what happens at project level, both local and transnational, to share the good examples of our partners.

"What we did not realize, is that in fact it was a very difficult task to have everybody on board, and that it takes a lot of time to create a functional Facebook page, that reaches all the people for whom it was intended", states the project manager. This is why, at this point, the page it is in a complex process of development and promotion, and has been boosted heavily during the local final event.

The second tool that Bistrita created was a Map of the man attractions in the city centre. On this map, they promoted all the stakeholders that showed an interest in the RetaiLink project, the ones that became ULG members, and important monuments and institutions of culture as well. On the back of the map there is some tourist information.

The map was distributed to all hotels in and around the city, for tourist to know what they can visit and where they can go shopping in the city center. The map was spread to all the shops, to be offered to citizens and buyers, together with a sticker that was put in their shop windows, stating: HERE YOU CAN FIND A FREE COMMERCIAL MAP. "The retailers and the hotels' staff welcomed this idea, as it is easier to have a specific tool to guide people who, for example want to buy shoes, or to eat a good steak", explains the promoter of the initiative.