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VALMEZ points!

30 June 2017

By Antony Horin (Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic)

City Center Project aimes on the revitalization of the town center and brings a lot of new ideas and solutions. However, the project does not work without promotion and dissemination activities. In cooperation with Cczech national contact point, Eurocentrum Hradec Králové and Eurocentrum Pardubice, we presented the general objective of the project City Center Doctor and its impact on the VALMEZ town.

The town of Valašské Meziříčí is small town located in the eastern part of Czech Republic near to the border with Slovakia. One year ago we became a project partner in the international project City Center Doctor. Valmez suffers by a lot of negative influences and especially the town center is losing its original function. Fortunately, the CCD project came into our lives. After one year hard work we have established URBACT local group which helps us to make our town more livable. We have organized a huge number of events for our citizens focused on revitalization of the town center, for example the public meeting, Idea Café or Ideas Generation. As results, we got a lot of ideas and now we are preparing our Beta action to enhance of attractiveness of our town centre.

All of this activities, way how to create ULG, project managing and the other aspects of the project  were subject of the seminar held in Hradec Králové. In cooperation with Nation contact place for URBACT program we presented the best practice with project City Center Doctor. We described our way how we engaged to the project, process how we established our ULG, general project activities and also our experiences with project managing. Whole presentation was aimed especially on the practical information and our experiences. After the official part of program was time for discussion and we faced of huge number questions about more specific details. The participants appreciated particularly practice information and general objective of our project. Organizers appreciated the CCD project as well due to its great informative value and demonstration, how the URBACT project should look like. We hope that City Center Doctor will be pattern for all Czech towns and cities and will help for all who wants to participate in URBACT program.

Let´s make Valmez better!

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