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200 European Cities publicly present the results of 2 years of common work

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24 June 2019
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In March, April and May 2018, 20 URBACT Action Planning Networks, 200 European cities are wrapping up 2 years of common work and introducing their results to a broader audience.

Inspired by European exchanges, each city developed Integrated Action Plans. Following the URBACT method, the action plan is built with all stakeholders concerned gathered in an URBACT Local Group. The plan brings together different facets of the issue – social, economic and environmental.

Final Conferences of the Action Planning Networks will take place in all corners of Europe from Ghent (BE) to San Dona di Piave (IT), from Rotterdam (NL) to Manchester (UK).

The main topics they worked on range from rehabilitating underused buildings to Rethinking Agri-food Production, from social innovation to welcoming migrants.

Details of each network are available on their pages on the URBACT website.

Most final conference mix up some public presentations, thematic site visits and internal network meetings. The final events are also an opportunity to stimulate support locally for further implementation of the Integrated Action Plans.

Listen to Adele Bucella, projects and programming Head of Unit at URBACT Secretariat on the results of the 20 Action Planning Networks and their final conferences:

The main topics of the 10 final conferences happening in the next three weeks are the following:

At the end of May, all Action Planning Networks will officially close their work, stay tuned on URBACT communication channel if you are interested by their results. The results of their work will constitute the backbones of the programme of URBACT City Festival in Lisbon (PT) on 13-14 September 2018.