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23 Transfer networks embarking on the second phase of their journey!

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18 December 2018

URBACT's Monitoring Committee approved 23 Transfer networks for Phase 2 on 4 December 2018.

25 countries are represented in the 23 networks which gather a total of 161 individual partners. About 37% of partners are newcomers to URBACT, meaning that they have never been involved in an URBACT II or III network before.

The 24 month-long Phase 2 is divided into two distinct periods:
• The first 18 months make up the Transfer Learning period during which partners will focus on the transfer exchange and learning activities within the network
• The last 6 months – The Transfer Sharing period - will be dedicated to communicating and discussing each partner's transfer experience to a wider audience.

A Phase 2 kick-off meeting will take place mid-January in Paris. On this occasion, Lead Partner and Lead Experts of Transfer networks will find out more about what is expected of them regarding the Transfer plans and the outputs to be produced throughout Phase 2. They will also be introduced to the national trainings (URBACT Campus) in which they will participate during Spring 2019.

Each Transfer network will soon have its dedicated page on the URBACT website which will present the partnership, the aim and challenges of the network and will feature frequent updates on the work of the network.

You can find all approved Transfer networks in the link below: