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2nd ULG Meeting for Grosuplje

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20 May 2022
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The Second ULG Meeting of the Municipality of Grosuplje was held on 8 March with the aim of promoting sustainable integrated urban development - inclusion, healthy lifestyle, including people from different areas of expertise, intergenerational cooperation. An insight into the TM 1 – Play for sustainable urban regeneration, to applying theory to our local context, and to valuate different less accessible places & discovering what those places need through brainstorming.


Held by the local project coordinator Živa Vertič, with the Grosuplje ULG, the second local Playful Paradigm meeting took place in attendance on 8 March 2022.

The discusstion started focusing that on the local level they don’t have urban areas that need regeneration, but rural areas which are less accessible and usually forgotten. Yet, these places are the ones that need the most attention. One of the suggestions was to bring Minibus of Joy to these rural locations of the municipality to give a sign of change. Moreover the possibility to develop a platform where different stakeholders of the municipality can see what others are doing and connect with them for possible collaboration, creating over time a series of innovative events for these areas.

At the end of the meeting they decided to make a long-term strategy for developing much needed playful events. These events need to be held on a regular basis, so people would get used to them, and finally how to reach and include immigrant children (different culture, language).