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News from our cities and networks – 24 September 2021

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01 October 2021
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The latest stories from our cities and networks, ranging from digital business to relocalising food production.

The URBACT III Programme promotes sustainable, integrated urban development, supporting exchange and learning between EU towns and cities. Ongoing activities include 23 Action Planning Networks (2019-2022), five networks transferring urban solutions from UIA projects, and a network on localising the Sustainable Development Goals.

Building on the success of 23 recently completed Transfer Networks (TNs), Lead Partners are now transferring their good practices to a ‘second wave’ of 27 more cities. Meanwhile, five National Practice Transfer Initiatives are helping cities learn from an URBACT city in their own country.


Heritage and inclusion event: register now!

The KAIRÓS network’s online workshop on social cohesion in historic quarters opens to all, on 5-6 October! The many cities featured include Riga (LV) in a session on re-using heritage to support economic and community development, and Bologna (IT) on innovative forms of civic participation.


Transferability plan in the making

Get a glimpse of work in Turin (IT), Gdansk (PL), Cluj-Napoca (RO) and Budapest (HU) with this update from CO4CITIES, the UIA-URBACT network promoting better citizen-public administration collaboration. Follow the Lead Expert as he tours partner cities looking for synergies.


Digital hub inspiration

Marking the launch of the Tech Revolution 2.0 network, new URBACT partners Roeselare (BE), Alytus (LT), Novska (HR) and Rzeszow (PL) met in Barnsley (UK) to see how the city is supporting its “thriving digital business community” – and be inspired to set up their own local schemes.


Caring city

How to boost your city’s potential? Visit Candelaria, which sees itself as a “caring city” for residents of all ages. This Spanish partner in the Find Your Greatness network shows how “the enhancement of community spirit is a key element in the definition of the city brand.”


Short food chains for local resilience

This long read is worth taking time to digest. From the Lead Expert of FOOD CORRIDORS, an URBACT network that recently signed the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration. All about Short Food Supply Chains, or SFSCs (try saying that with a mouthful of local veg!).




Read our publication for more stories from cities understanding, adapting and re-using URBACT Good Practices: Good Practice Transfer – Why not in my City?




We hope you enjoy this URBACT city news round-up. If you have any news to share from URBACT cities, or ideas for more stories on sustainable urban development, get in touch!