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Alba Iulia Municipality officially started its Small Scale Action!

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29 July 2021
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Alba Iulia Municipality officially began its SSA implementation in an original style within Food Corridors project!

On June 5th-6th Alba Iulia Municipality team began its SSA implementation, a moment well prepared in advance in every detail. The first event was the “Introduction into permaculture” Course and it was organized in collaboration with the Romania in Transition Association from Bucharest.

The aim was the improving the knowledge of local farmers in Alba Iulia and neighboring localities in the field of permaculture and organic farming, in order to improve the knowledge to practice responsible, sustainable agriculture and to promote a style healthy living of the local community.

The event was a real success and 20 persons (young farmers, agriculture passionate people, communicators, etc) participated in the event which lasted 2 whole days.

The course on permaculture offered unique insights into the world of permaculture to the participants and besides the theoretical approach there was also a practical approach.

The municipality representatives presented the objectives of the Food Corridors project and provided the participants information about the project activities.

A second event within the SSA was organized on the 26th June 2021, a Study visit at a vegetable farm and at a wine producing facility in the outskirts of the municipality of Alba Iulia.

The participants were also local farmers and small producers in the city who benefitted from the good practices learnt in the study visit. Besides the information related to permaculture and eco-agriculture, the participating farmers also benefitted from new experiences and practical info provided by the representatives of the 2 agricultural units.

A third event within Alba Iulia’s SSA is currently under preparation – a Workshop for the drying of aromatic plants, vegetables and fruits within the plants dehydrator.

The 2 events organized so far within the SSA proved a real success and shows the great interest from the citizens for such events in the food-agriculture area, while the feedback from the participants was more than encouraging for the next events that will follow within the Food Corridors project at Alba Iulia municipality level.