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4D Cities

Promoting innovation and the knowledge economy in health field for the local social and economic development.


Propose new solutions and promote new policies for the sustainable renovation of social and affordable housing units in the European Union.


PEOPLE-POWERED PUBLIC SERVICES. That’s the focus of the 9 cities of the CHANGE! network.


CityLogo is a transnational learning experience on citybranding and -marketing in modern urban politics. It is about a better positioning of cities in the (post) crisis economic arena and reinforcing the communication dimension in urban management.


Exploring current approaches to strengthen social cohesion in neighbourhoods

Creative SpIN

Creative "Spillovers" for Innovation aims to create a Thematic Network across Europe which will address the challenges of how best to connect cultural and creative industries, including sectors such as audiovisual, design, advertising, architecture and video games, with other sectors, to...

CSI Europe

The aim of the JESSICA initiative is to support “sustainable investment in cities”. Through the implementation of the initiative, Urban Development Funds are emerging as potentially powerful tools to pursue sustainable urban transformation. CSI Europe will build upon the achievements to date to...


Improve the university-city nexus. By applying to the URBACT programme, they want to learn from each other's experiences and practices, and move forward as successful and inclusive knowledge cities to realise Europe's 2020 strategy...

Freight TAILS

Delivering Tailored Approaches for Innovative Logisitcs Solutions


The challenge set out by the Leipzig Charter may seem vast; nevertheless, it is only through joint efforts that we can truly aspire to better new housing developments – good, green, safe, and affordable – which will eventually give birth to the cities we want for the future of our continent. Hopus...


Creating a good local economy through procurement


Reuse of vacant spaces as driving Force for Innovation on Local level


Urban resilience a concept for co-creating cities of the future


Ten european cities inspire each other to create innovative strategies that revitalize the retail sector in medium-sized cities.

Urban Green Labs

Promoting citizens engagement in upgrading urban green spaces