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Learning about Implementation

Understand how this process can successfully take place in cities and how to tackle the challenges ahead

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BioCanteens Transfer Network is about ensuring the distribution of sustainable school meals in participating cities as a key lever towards the development of an integrated local agri-food approach, protecting both citizens’ health and the environment. The project aims to transfer Mouans-Sartoux’s Good Practice in the field of collective school catering, to other highly committed cities across Europe. Mouans-Sartoux’s Good Practice is based on the daily distribution of meals that are 100% organic and mostly composed of local products, the drastic reduction of food waste thereby fully compensating the higher cost of switching to organic products, and the organisation of dedicated educational activities to raise children’s awareness about sustainable food.


This Action Planning network aims to design integrated urban policies in the building sector, a major consumer of raw materials. Since there is a gap in knowledge on this topic, URGE develops an in-depth understanding of this theme and a first plan for a tailor-made methodology. This will be implemented in large construction tasks of the city partners, thus, contributing to the transition towards a circular economy.