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Ad-Hoc Expert

Generic Skills

B.1. Understanding of integrated and sustainable urban development: 
I strongly believe that Communication has a vital role to play in the promotion of sustainable urban development. I am applying for the position of validated URBACT expert because I want to utilize my more-than-30-year communications-related experience in order to contribute to the development of effective and sustainable responses to major urban challenges in Cyprus. Throughout my career as a Visual Communication Expert for several local and international brands, I have developed an extensive knowledge and knowhow about environmental and sustainable development issues. During the last years, I have been responsible for the creation of innumerous information/promotional material for Green Dot – a prominent organization of Cyprus dealing with issues like these, as well as acting as a consultant on development issues for various clients. Moreover, I (and my team) possess all the necessary skills to be qualified as URBACT Ad Hoc Communication Expert, having a solid experience, knowhow and knowledge in several interactive communication tools, visualization tools, graphic design, human computer interaction, etc. In fact, I have been applying all of the above-mentioned skills for more than 30 years for several local clients and transnational projects.
B1. Assessment: 
1: The applicant demonstrates substantial professional experience as a Visual Communication Expert with focus on various topics relevant to sustainable urban development, including cultural, social and environmental issues.
B.2. Understanding of exchange and learning processes at transnational level: 
Living, learning and working at an international/transnational level has been an integral part of my personal, educational and professional life. As a Communication Expert, I have worked on several projects outside Cyprus, the success of which has always been based on the exchange of information and/or good practices. My portfolio includes some of the most prominent arts and cultural foundations and institutions of Cyprus. At the same time, I have worked on several transnational projects, that required international coordination with third parties based abroad, exchange of information at a transnational level and the application of equivalent learning processes. To name a few, I have worked on and coordinated the design and implementation of the “Francophonie Quiz” – a language mobile application that was created for the UNESCO (Paris, FR) for the promotion of the Greek language. Moreover, I have successfully handled the design and creation of the “Ghika-Craxton-Leigh Fermor” Exhibition – an exhibition that was created for the A.G. Leventis Gallery in Cyprus, but also traveled abroad (Benaki Museum-Athens, GR and The British Museum-London, UK). Furthermore, my portfolio includes several other transnational projects, one of which in Salonica, Greece and another exhibition in London, UK at the Hellenic Centre.
B2. Assessment: 
1: The applicant demonstrates experience in exchange and learning activities at transnational level. He was involved in the development of a mobile application for UNESCO, as well as in other projects with international coordination.
B.3. Proficiency in English: 
After having lived in the USA for three years and having studied at an American university, and after having used English as a working language for more that 40 years, I am a fluent, native-speaker level user of English.
B3. Assessment: 
1: The applicant indicated proficiency in English, as he has studied at an American university and currently, uses English on a daily basis in his professional life. The phone call showed that he is not fully proficient in oral English but his level is good.

Expertise for the design and delivery of transnational exchange and learning activities:

C.3.1. Ability to communicate complex concepts to non-English speakers: 
C3.1 Assessment: 
The criterion is not applicable for the applicant.
C.3.2. Ability to draw out, support the verbalization and documentation of knowledge and practice from participants: 
C3.2 Assessment: 
The criterion is not applicable for the applicant.
C.3.3. Ability to capture learning for participants to take away: 
C3.3 Assessment: 
The criterion is not applicable for the applicant.
C.3.4. Ability to produce concise reports that incorporate good practices and policy messages: 
C3.4 Assessment: 
The criterion is not applicable for the applicant.
Summary Expertise for the design and delivery of transnational exchange and learning activities: 
Section C is not applicable for the applicant.

Thematic expertise:

Theme / Policy: 
Arts and Culture
D.1. Deep knowledge on the selected theme and related policy challenges, including up to date practice, research, etc.: 
I currently possess several years of experience in co-organizing and participating in e-meetings/ teleconferences and in utilizing the Social Media for facilitating/ establishing new communication channels with clients/ third parties, since an important number of my clients are based abroad. Moreover, I have been using online/ digital tools, such as online surveys and digital analytics software for the majority of my clients, in order to evaluate/ monitor/ optimize various communication/ promotional campaigns. Localization of my strategic thinking and my communication approach has always been an important part of my professional life as a Communication Expert. Since the expansion of my portfolio with clients based abroad, I have gained thorough experience in adapting to methods and tools to various levels, especially during partnerships with clients and third parties based outside Cyprus. Having worked with several museums and other cultural institutions in Cyprus and abroad (among which the UNESCO), has allowed me to develop a deep knowledge and expertise in the Arts & Culture sector making me one of the most experience consultants in Cyprus when it comes to these fields. My know-how and experience include the analysis of data, conducting high-level research and application of good practices guides.
D1 Assessment: 
1: The applicant demonstrates experience with respect to the selected topic of Arts and Culture. He has been involved in research, data analysis, set up of communication channels, and promotional campaigns. He has also developed best practice guides for a number of cultural institutions, museums (incl. British Museum), municipality of Athienou, and UNESCO.
D.2. Ability to produce thematic inputs to feed in the learning process of in projects in which you have been involved: 
Having been involved in hundreds of projects, all these years, I have produced/worked on all kind of materials that contributed to the updating/positive outcome/final evaluation of the respective projects. These materials include recommendations reports, monitoring papers, papers with guidelines & suggestions of moving the project forward, final evaluation reports, briefings, good practices papers, and many more.
D2 Assessment: 
0: Although the applicant gave examples of thematic inputs (i.e. reports, papers and guidelines), he did not explain how these feed in the learning process at transnational level.
D.3. Ability to produce concise reports that incorporate learning from exchange & learning activities, put forward good practice: 
Evaluating the outcomes and learning new things throughout the process is a key element to achieving success when it comes to our industry. This is because in our sector things are constantly changing at very high speeds. We have been working for several cultural foundations – both in Cyprus and abroad – and we have been producing evaluation reports after the end of almost every project we have been handling. This has always been of crucial importance for our major clients (A.G. Leventis Gallery and the Leventis Municipal Museum to name a few) since our work for them is on a constant basis and knowing what went wrong or how we can utilize the best practices in the next project is extremely important.
D3 Assessment: 
1: The applicant demonstrates ability to produce outputs for city practitioners and policy makers. For instance, he has developed evaluation reports and best practices for the Leventis Municipal Museums.
D.4. Understanding of how to maximize the use of project results for benefits in capitalization, policy design, awarenes: 
The design, definition & dissemination has been in the core of my tasks as a Communication Expert/Strategist/Consultant. Being actively involved in the strategy process of every project/communication campaign from the very beginning, I had been able to oversee and provide serious input/comments on the design of the digital strategy of these projects. During the last several years, I am focusing on the (digital) strategic aspect of my clients' communication, making sure that it complies with their targets and the desired outcomes/results.
D4 Assessment: 
1: The applicant demonstrates understanding of how to maximize project outputs for capitalization purposes/ awareness rising. He has been involved in the design and dissemination of communication strategies (incl. digital) for the municipality of Athienou.
Summary Thematic expertise: 
Throughout my more-than-30-year experience, I have been actively involved in a wide range of consulting activities such as conducting high-level research, project management, delivery of agreed results on time, teaching & mentoring. My expertise has a particular focus in the Arts & Culture field, since I have worked for innumerous cultural organizations and institutions, among which the A.G. Leventis Gallery, the Pancyprian Gymnasium Museum, the Leventis Municipal Museum, the Limassol Archaeological Museum, Kallinikeio Municipal Museum of Athienou. Moreover, we have worked on the design and creation of two projects for the Athienou Municipality (“Alevromylos” and “Seven Stories – Lace and Modern Art”).
The applicant is validated for D under the thematic area of Arts and Culture. He met 3 out 4 criteria.

Expertise support to local authorities and other stakeholders in designing & delivering integrated and participatory policies

E.1. Knowledge on participatory methods and tools for co-production and implementation of local polices : 
E.1 Assessment: 
The criterion is not applicable for the applicant.
E.2. Knowledge on integrated approach for the design, delivering, monitoring and evaluation of urban strategies/policies: 
E.2 Assessment: 
The criterion is not applicable for the applicant.
E.3. Awareness of the main policy and funding schemes for sustainable urban development at EU and national level: 
E.3 Assessment: 
The criterion is not applicable for the applicant.
E.4. Ability to understand specific local situations and adapt tools and content to different local realities: 
E.4 Assessment: 
The criterion is not applicable for the applicant.
Summary Expertise: 
Section E is not applicable for the applicant.


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