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Aveiro: professionalising & supporting school teams

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26 April 2019

In Aveiro (PT), a close collaboration with teachers and schools provided new insights into detecting and tackling early leaving from education and training (ELET).


The project team from Aveiro developed and implemented a new way of working with teachers and schools  one that is more cooperative and uses the wide range of expertise available in the city.

Achieving compromise and commitment between teachers and the municipality, the university and other professional stakeholders is a challenge. It is certain that complexity of social behaviour and varied social backgrounds is pivotal to success or failure of young people at school.

The joint team took a leadership and brokering role, bringing together the right people and helping the network to work collaboratively on real cases in schools, in addition to training and peer-exchange sessions. This set the tone and facilitated the meetings to help the school teams make connections and begin working together with other professionals. Gradually, this changed behaviours and increased the ability of those schools to support students and their families.

Aveiro’s story is one of joint delivery: working closely together to facilitate a wide network of professionals working openly and collaboratively, rather than in isolation (both physically and professionally).