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The ON BOARD celebrates its last Transnational Meeting

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28 July 2021
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The last 16th, 18th and 25th of February, the ON BOARD project celebrated the 6th Transnational Meeting. The meeting, which was online, was hosted this time by the city of Nantes.

The aim of the meeting was to share the current state of the process of transfer -or improvement, in the case of Viladecans- of the respective Educational Innovation Networks and address the next steps until the end of the project. The meeting, which is part of the second phase of the project and last Transnational Meeting, allowed to put on the table and share the learnings and advances that the member cities have achieved during almost two years of mutual exchange and learning process.

Although the partner cities are in different stages of consolidation of their Educational Innovation Networks, they all value very positively the richness that the collaboration of different local agents (schools, families, companies, entities, etc.) that the ON BOARD project has offered them. These collaborations have allowed them to interact and develop projects with agents with whom they had not worked before. The partners especially highlighted the work carried out to improve communication between the different agents, and how the global vision of education in the city beyond schools and educational centres has been taking root in the respective cities.

The meeting also had the participation of three experts in education: the doctor in Pedagogy from the University of Girona and member of the Education 360 initiative in Catalonia,, Edgar Iglesias Vidal, the member of the UNESCO Chair of Technologies for Teacher Training, Colin de la Higuera and the Director of Learning , Innovation and Education of the LINE, -Laboratoire de Innovation te Numérique pour l'Education- of the University of the Côte d'Azur, Margarita Romero. Their presentations on Education 360, open education and educational innovation were of great interest to all attendees.

You’ll be able to find more in-depth information on the presentations carried out by the experts in this article

The Transnational Meeting was also the occasion to learn about new educational projects from Nantes. The city presented: 'Body and wellbeing', an initiative where students work on emotions through workshops on health, nutrition and sport, 'Jardins en Chausson' (Gardens in socks) where the school garden serves to bring the little ones closer to the understanding nature through emotions and 'On Air', a project in which students have developed micro sensors to monitor the air in the city.

Would you like to know more about the learnings and conclusions? Find here the TM6 Report with the main conclusions and learnings.