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Cáceres worked for a resiliant Christmas

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25 January 2021
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This unprecedented Christmas, Cáceres ULG dealt with a tough question: how to design a Christmas cultural programme adapted to the health restrictions while reaching all corners of the town and attracting both locals and tourists.

Since meeting so many conditions in a sole policy is never an easy challenge, the participative method that depicts URBACT was smartly applied so as to hear more perspectives and ideas from local stakeholders. The result in Cáceres is the following:

The Town Hall presented the campaign ‘’Your best gift in the closest shops’’ on social networks to encourage the consumers to do their Christmas shopping in local businesses as a way to develop and invigorate the prosperity of the town. Furthermore, the traditional Christmas market which offers a rich variety of handcrafts changed its location to the main square, Plaza Mayor, whose wider space allows social distance and a one direction itinerary. 

Christmas was also considered an ideal moment to delve into the history of Cáceres and consequently tour guides were strongly promoted in order to fulfil the demand and adapt to the health measures simultaneously. How? Combining a broader variety with limit restrictions: on one hand, a number of tour guides to make visible not only the Old Town but also other interesting points in the periphery has been provided to the public, appealing both locals and tourists. On the other hand, these tours had a capacity of 20 people, were developed strictly outdoor and included innovations such as bike or theatre guides.

Regarding children events, shows of circus, magic, storytellers, gymkhanas, etc. within the initiative ¨From Neighbour to Neighbour¨ were staged in different parts of the town so as to avoid children moving and crowds.

After the trip, the Three Wise Men had the opportunity to talk live to the children of Cáceres through their official website, before starting their hard work. That night they visited the houses of many children to reward them for helping at home, wearing their masks, washing their hands and studying a lot!




Elena Domínguez Crespo - Municipality of Cáceres