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Call for ASToN's pool of Experts

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10 May 2021
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Open and permanent Call for the constitution of a pool of Thematic and Ad-Hoc Experts for the ASToN project.

The French National Agency for Urban Renewal (ANRU) - which also manages the URBACT III programme - has partnered with French Development Agency (AFD) to create a network of African cities around smart city issues (African Smart Towns Network - ASToN). The development of this network is carried out following the method established by URBACT in Europe. This includes specific actions and interventions in regards to transnational exchange, capacity-building, capitalisation and dissemination.

The ASToN network and its partner cities benefit from the support of experts. In the overall budget of the project, a dedicated envelope is allocated to experts commissioned to provide 3 main types of expertise:

  • Expertise for the design and delivery of transnational exchange and learning activities.
  • Thematic expertise related to the urban policy challenges, in particular in digital governance and Smart Cities related areas, addressed by the ASToN network and by each partner city.
  • Expertise support for local authorities and other stakeholders in the design and delivery of integrated and participatory policies.

The role of Ad-Hoc and Thematic Experts will be to provide thematic/methodological support for specific activities (e.g. thematic input at network seminar, facilitation, production of specific thematic outputs) at network and/or at city level.


Download the position description (in English or in French) for further details.


Interested candidates are requested to send their application in French and English at any time (this call will remain open during the whole ASToN project life). All applications must be sent by email to Thierry PICQUART, Head of the ASToN Project Unit