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Call for support: editorial production of the URBACT IV website

Edited on

01 April 2022
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This call is now closed

Help us better comunicate about the programme's core activities and projects!

In the occasion of the symbolic launch of URBACT IV in June 2022, a new URBACT website is under development to meet the programme’s needs and improve current features.

As part of the developments for the new URBACT website, its content is current being reviewed. While the programme services providers and the Joint Secretariat team will assess and curate existing articles, documents and specific webpages, URBACT is looking for a consultant to produce and edit written material to static flagship webpages.

More information about this mission is available here.

Key tasks include:

  • Get a good understanding of the URBACT various activities and work streams.
  • Review and analyse how the programme is currently presented within its variety of actions on the website.
  • Propose introductory and teaser texts which can fit the new website structure, in accordance to the Joint Secretariat and URBACT’s web developers guidance.
  • Produce engaging and concise texts that are suitable to URBACT’s audience and different target groups.
  • Edit and harmonise content written by different people and, if necessary, reach out to different members of the Joint Secretariat to get further information and data.
  • Meet regularly with URBACT’s Communication Officer, to whom the consultant will report to.

Offers can be sent exclusively in English and shall include:

  • CV or Europass of the consultant
  • Motivation letter
  • Latest work related to this mission (e.g. publication, article, website)

Interested candidates should send the documents outlined above to Thierry PICQUART and Stefanie Weber no later than 24 March 2022 at noon (CET).