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CALL FOR TENDER: Production of Videos Illustrating URBACT Workstreams Findings and Results in the frame of the 2014-2015 Capitalisation Programme

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09 October 2017
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The purpose of the contract is the provision of videos that illustrate the findings and results of the URBACT workstream implemented for 2014-2015 in the frame of the capitalisation policy of the Programme. In particular:


4 videos are expected to illustrate the findings, city cases, policy recommendations of the four URBACT workstreams on the following themes:

  • New urban economies
  • More jobs for urban youth
  • Social innovation in cities
  • Sustainable regeneration of urban areas

1 video is expected to illustrate cross-cutting themes and findings from the above four workstreams. Target audiences of the videos include European urban practitioners and policy-makers (local, regional, national and EU levels) in order to support the design and delivery of integrated and sustainable policies and strategies in European cities. The deadline for receipt of the envelopes is:  FRIDAY 26 SEPTEMBER 2014 AT NOON (GMT+1)   The technical correspondents for this contract are :  Acsé, URBACT Secretariat, 5, rue Pleyel, 93283 Saint-Denis Cedex.

  • Ms Melody Houk, Projects and Capitalisation Manager - URBACT Secretariat tel: 01 49 17 46 02 / email:
  • Mr. Thierry Picquart, Head of Administration-Coordination- URBACT Secretariat tel: 01 49 17 46 02 / email:

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- DOC Documents in English :
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