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CALL FOR TENDER: Provision Of Thematic Reports In The Frame Of The 2014-2015 Capitalisation Process

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05 February 2015

Following the successful delivery of the URBACT capitalisation framework 2012-2013 that comprised 6 workstreams and approval of 15 new thematic networks under the 3rd call, a new framework has been designed for Capitalisation activities in 2014-2015.

The purpose of the contract is the provision of 5 thematic capitalisation reports by implementing, coordinating and disseminating five URBACT workstreams. The themes of the 5 workstreams are:  - New urban economies  - More jobs for urban youth  - Social innovation in cities  - Sustainable regeneration of urban areas  - Sharing and circular urban economy  The deadline for receipt of the envelopes is:  MONDAY 28 APRIL 2014 AT NOON (GMT+1)   The technical correspondents for this contract are :  Acsé, URBACT Secretariat, 5, rue Pleyel, 93283 Saint-Denis Cedex.

  • Ms Melody Houk, Projects and Capitalisation Manager - URBACT Secretariat tel: 01 49 17 46 02 / email:
  • Mr. Thierry Picquart, Head of Administration-Coordination- URBACT Secretariat tel: 01 49 17 46 02 / email: 

The administrative correspondents for this contract are :  Acsé, DAMC, 209, rue de Bercy, 75585 Paris Cedex 12.

  • Mrs Martine Bourcier, Director of the public procurement and litigation service (Scpc) Tel: / fax: / email: and
  • Ms Gladys Monthezume, Assistant to the Director at DAMC Tel: / email:

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